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We’re your full service concrete sawing, sealing, and grouting contractor. W.B.R. Sawing & Grouting has served Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and the Carolinas for the past thirteen years. Having been in one location for such a period of time, we’re proud to have numerous corporations and general contractors in the region.

W.B.R. Sawing

"W.B.R. is a valued business partner. They have always been patient, flexible, and willing to help solve difficult problems. W.B.R. has always offered timely service and displayed a willingness to meet whatever need I have had."
                                                            Les Clark
                                                            Process Engineer
                                                            Beaulieu of America

“Working with W.B.R. Sawing &Grouting has been a pleasure. They keep abreast of all safety rules, insurance requirements, and they perform the work required without flaw. Their work meets all professional standards and the personnel conduct themselves as the professionals they are. W.B.R. is an outstanding company to use and it is a pleasure to be associated with them.”
                                                            Donald Hamby
                                                            Senior Project Engineer
                                                            Shaw Industries, Group.

Our mission is to strive towards keeping up-to-date with the industry’s latest equipment and technology as perfection is our goal on all projects.

Based in Dalton, Georgia, we believe that dedication and team work lead us to giving the customer utmost satisfaction for every dollar spent. We use the latest techniques to achieve the highest results in quality and satisfaction. Let us be your number one concrete finishing company, let us earn your business.

We can handle any size job, from repairing driveways and ramps, to paving an entire lot. When time is of the essence and quality counts, we’ll prove that we’re your best choice. If we don’t have the tools or manpower, the time or ability; we’ll get it.
Check out our commercial and residential services pages to see for yourself the results of our craft, and to find out more about what we have to offer you. Our Photo Album also shows our before & after results.

We Are Fully Insured & We Give FREE Estimates!

We only use the best equipment in the industry by the top manufacturers.

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